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Comprehensive range of services covering all stages of the life cycle of building engineering systems.


Engineering Systems

>30 years

365 days a year

On the market of engineering services

24 hours a day

Equipped with modern high-tech control and measurement equipment, regularly undergoing verification, possessing a complete set of specialized tools and transportation, with access to a well-equipped repair base and an extensive inventory of spare parts.

7 days a week

All employees are citizens of the Russian Federation and residents of the Moscow region. The staff undergoes regular re-certification, medical examinations, and holds permits for electrical safety and technical operation of heat power plants. Currently, the company is implementing an automated service management system, allowing real-time monitoring of all works at customer sites and providing clients with quick access to this information.


The organizational structure includes project, installation, service, estimate-contractual, and production-technical departments, as well as a 24-hour emergency and unified dispatch services

skilled professionals

All of this allows us to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of services at all stages of the life cycle of building engineering systems.

We assist in the preparation and development of the concept for future building engineering systems, creating project documentation.

We ensure the delivery of engineering equipment and materials to the project site.

We coordinate documents with regulatory authorities.

We carry out commissioning works and hand over the facility for operation.

We perform a wide range of installation works, from simple to highly complex.

We provide warranty, service, and emergency maintenance for facilities, as well as professionally perform routine and major repairs of the most complex engineering equipment.

We have our own laboratories accredited by Rostekhnadzor for non-destructive thermal imaging control, setup and testing of ventilation and air conditioning systems, and electrical testing. The fundamental principles are a combination of the highest level of service quality, prompt execution, and flexible pricing policies with the application of bonus and discount systems.

Undoubtedly, the main factor for any company aiming for a leading position in its field is gaining recognition among its clients. Recognition can only be achieved through individual work with each customer, based on their needs and preferences.
Therefore, our top priorities are: the prompt completion of a comprehensive range of works with engineering systems, the highest level of quality in the completed tasks, providing guarantees, and offering exclusive solutions for each customer. We treat each of you as Customer No.1.

We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of services for technical consulting, design, installation, as well as service maintenance of engineering systems of various complexity levels in Moscow and the Moscow region

Among our clients
Institutions of the Moscow City Department of Education
Institutions of the Moscow City Department of Culture.
Institutions of the Moscow City Department of Healthcare
Institutions of the Moscow City Department of Social Protection of the Population.


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