Unit-Service holds a prominent position in the field of engineering maintenance, providing a full range of services for the technical maintenance of engineering systems and communications. Our companies employ over 450 highly qualified specialists with well-equipped repair facilities and an extensive inventory of spare parts. We ensure modern control and measurement equipment, undergoing regular calibration, as well as a complete set of specialized tools and transportation.

Servicing the following engineering systems:
  • Heating supply (district heating substations, heating unit, heating network automation, boiler rooms, heat pump units)
  • Sanitary systems (water supply, sewage, pumping stations)
  • Swimming pool water treatment (water filtration and disinfection systems)
  • Electrical supply (power and lighting networks, switchgears, automatic transfer switches)
  • Climate systems (air conditioning, supply and exhaust ventilation, refrigeration, and heating)
  • Automation, security, communication (security and video surveillance systems, dispatching and telemetry systems, access control, telephone systems, and microcell communication)
  • Fire protection systems (smoke alarm, fire water supply, fire alarm, fire detection and extinguishing systems, automatic fire alarm and fire extinguishing)

As part of comprehensive maintenance of engineering communications, we provide the following services:
  1. Audit and diagnostics:
  • Conducting checks and diagnostics of malfunctioning or failed equipment.
  • Providing recommendations and detailed reports on the condition of systems.
  1. Planned technical maintenance:
  • Regular technical maintenance of equipment to prevent possible failures and enhance its efficiency.
  1. Repair and supply of spare parts:
  • Carrying out repair work to restore equipment.
  • Supplying spare parts during the warranty and post-warranty period.
  1. Modernization of engineering networks:
  • Updating and modernizing communal engineering networks and structures to improve their efficiency.
  1. Creation of a remote monitoring and management system:
  • If necessary, developing and implementing a remote monitoring and management system for engineering networks.
  • Dispatching and automation to ensure more effective control over the systems.
Our goal is to ensure the reliability, efficiency, and longevity of engineering communications in accordance with the client's requirements.

Technical maintenance of engineering systems by a specialized organization provides several significant advantages:
  1. Cost reduction:
  2. Entrusting the maintenance of engineering systems helps reduce the cost of maintaining these systems, optimize expenses, and use resources more efficiently.
  3. Improved quality of work:
  4. Specialized organizations ensure high quality and reliability in the execution of tasks, leading to more efficient and stable operation of engineering systems.
  5. No need to expand staff:
  6. By outsourcing technical maintenance, a company avoids the need to expand its own staff, including workers, financial, and management personnel with specific expertise.
  7. Overhead cost reduction:
  8. No need for constant training, certification, sick pay, and other overhead costs for personnel.
  9. No need for specialized tools:
  10. Companies opting for technical maintenance are not obligated to purchase and maintain the necessary tools, as this falls under the responsibility of the specialized organization.
  11. Prompt issue resolution and prevention:
  12. Maintenance professionals ensure the timely identification, resolution, and prevention of technical issues, minimizing system downtime.
  13. Continuous monitoring by specialists:
  14. Regular system checks are conducted by highly qualified specialists, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of equipment.
  15. Professional consultations:
  16. Access to professional advice for improving system performance and stability, contributing to the optimization of their operation.
In summary, technical maintenance of engineering systems by a specialized organization brings a range of benefits focused on the efficiency and reliability of engineering communications.

The cost of services

The cost of technical maintenance of engineering systems is an important aspect that is often underestimated by clients. Regular inspections and replacement of worn-out parts not only ensure the reliable operation of equipment but also extend its service life.
The price of technical maintenance of engineering networks depends on the scope of work included in the package, as well as the intensity of equipment usage and its configuration.
It is important to understand that a low cost of services often means that only a survey of systems is included in the package without addressing identified issues. Rectifying malfunctions, replacing elements, or additional visits by experienced specialists may require additional payment.
To avoid such misunderstandings, we honestly inform our clients that the prices for technical maintenance of engineering systems include only general rates and do not account for the individual features of the equipment. Therefore, before placing an order, we recommend contacting our manager, who will help choose the optimal service package after inspecting your facility with a specialist.

Why Choose Us?

The choice of our company is justified by several compelling reasons:
  1. Guaranteed Service Quality:
  • We ensure high-quality technical maintenance of engineering systems in Moscow and the Moscow region. Working in real-time, we guarantee the normal operation of your equipment.
  1. Flexibility in Operations:
  • Our flexibility allows us to adapt to your changing needs. We are ready to respond promptly to any changes to support the efficient operation of your engineering systems.
  1. Cost Reduction:
  • Our technical specialists help you reduce costs on non-core activities. This allows you to free up resources for the development of your core business, focusing on key tasks.
  1. Individual Approach:
  • We offer an individual approach to each client. This allows us to carefully consider solutions to any challenges and provide maintenance for systems of any complexity, taking into account your unique needs.
Choosing us, you not only receive professional technical maintenance but also a reliable partner ready to collaborate in the pursuit of efficiency and the successful development of your business.

Servicing engineering systems involves a set of activities aimed at maintaining the operability of communications, preventing emergencies, and optimizing their functionality. Technical maintenance of building engineering systems is carried out with the goal of ensuring maximum economic efficiency.

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