We work

We aim to welcome the following qualities in our friendly team:
Professionalism and passion for work:
  • We seek those who demonstrate high qualifications and derive satisfaction from their professional activities.
Demanding of oneself and others:
  • We desire to see in our employees a commitment to high standards both in their personal work and in the work of their colleagues.
Ability to self-organize:
  • We appreciate the ability to independently plan and organize one's work.
Ethical behavior and pleasant communication:
  • We expect our employees to be polite, courteous, and pleasant in communication, without harmful habits and psychological issues.
Responsibility for health and safety:
  • Due to the direct connection of our services with the health and safety of children, we pay special attention to the high responsibility of our employees for their work.
Our team strives to bring together individuals who are not only professionals in their field but also share common values in providing quality and safe services.

How to join our team:
Send your resume for the position that interests you to the following email address: mail.ru
Go through an interview.
If our goals and views align, we start working together.

Job openings


To order the design and installation of engineering systems.

Leave an application, and our manager will contact you within 15 minutes!

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